We are still the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world and the sector plays a vital role as an employer, exporter and an innovator.

It’s an often-repeated myth that the UK doesn’t make things anymore. The reality is that we are still the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world and the sector plays a vital role as an employer, exporter and innovator. British-made goods are celebrated and sought-after around the world, with manufacturing accounting for 44% of all the UK’s overseas sales. Manufacturing still contributes 10% of UK Gross Value Added (GVA), represents 70% of all business Research and Development (R&D) spend and directly employs ... Read more

Rail News – April 19

Rail is vital to the country’s prosperity connecting workers to job, businesses to markets and people to their families and friends. To those outside the industry the landscape often appears complex and baffling with numerous companies working together to provide the passenger and freight services on which we rely. Responsibility for managing, enhancing and maintaining the infrastructure lies predominantly with Network Rail; this includes fixed assets such as track, signalling equipment and electrical and telecoms equipment. Passenger services are provided by train ... Read more

Defence News – April 2019

BAE Systems has confirmed that it has started talks with India about a possible joint programme featuring the UK company’s Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier Key points India and the UK aim to ‘redouble efforts’ to pursue opportunities related to defence equipment and defence industrial collaboration Indian and the UK have signed a renewed defence accord through which the two countries have agreed to ‘redouble efforts’ to identify mutual defence requirements and collaborate on solutions, the UK Ministry of Defence has said. An MoD statement ... Read more

Energy News – April 2019

The world’s first test centre aimed at accelerating the development of materials and structures for tidal energy is to be built in Scotland, thanks to collaboration between Babcock International and the University of Edinburgh. The £2.4m Fastblade project is to be based in Rosyth and will be the first facility ever to carry out large-scale accelerated testing of tidal blades. Engineering researchers plan to use complex forces that simulate real-world environments; this will enable the highest design capabilities to be achieved. Fast ... Read more

Manufacturing News, March 2019

Blockchain can simply be defined as record-keeping database technology that stores blocks of information on a chain. The information is constantly reconciled into the database, which is stored in multiple locations and updated instantly. That means the records are public and verifiable. Since there’s no central location, it is harder to hack or manipulate since the info exists simultaneously in millions of places. Why use Blockchain? Because blockchain relies on a decentralised, networked system, it means it is harder to corrupt. If the information ... Read more

Aerospace News, March 2019

Imagine boarding a flight which enables a journey from London to Sydney to take only four-and-a-half hours? One UK-based company is building an engine to power aircraft for hypersonic flight in the atmosphere. Reaction Engines has devised a unique rocket engine, named Sabre, that could allow aircraft to fly much faster than traditional jets. Unlike jet engines, Sabre can also operate in a rocket mode outside of the atmosphere, and this could potentially offer the next generation of reusable space launch vehicles. Jet ... Read more

Automotive News, March 2019

The Pininfarina Battista is reportedly the most powerful road-legal car ever to be built, with a 0-100 km/h in less than two seconds, and 0-300km/h in fewer than 12. More importantly though, it is electric. Designed and built in Italy, the Pininfarina Battista was unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland, which got underway in early March. Since its launch in 2005, the Bugatti Veyron has been regarded as the benchmark for the 21st century supercar. It had tough specifications to ... Read more

Manufacturing News, February 2019

A new University of Sheffield led hub that combines expertise in electrical machines and manufacturing is aiming to put the UK at the forefront of the global electrification revolution. The £28m EPSRC Future Electrical Machines Manufacturing Hub, which is underpinned by a £10m award from EPSRC, has been launched to drive UK expertise in the manufacturing techniques required to design and develop the electrical systems that are driving developments across sectors including automotive, aerospace and renewable energy. Through the hub, which is led ... Read more

Aerospace News, February 2019

Airbus announced that it is ceasing production on its A380 jumbo aircraft 12 years after production started.  The aerospace manufacturer cited a “lack of airline demand” as the reason production of the A380 would end. Dubai’s Emirates airline, the largest A380 customer, is reducing its A380 order book from 162 to 123 aircraft. Emirates will take delivery of 14 further A380s over the next two years. “As a result of this decision we have no substantial A380 backlog and hence no basis to ... Read more

Automotive News, February 2019

Aston Martin has achieved annual revenues of more than £1bn for the first time after it achieved a big jump in car sales. It sold 6,441 vehicles in 2018, 26% more than a year earlier, although average selling price was down slightly to £157,000. It is the car manufacturer’s first annual results since becoming a public company following its float in October. The Warwick-headquartered group has had a bumpy entry to the markets, with its shares down nearly 30% since going public. ... Read more
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