An Urgent Call To All UK Based Injection Mould and Press Toolmakers

UK Manufacturing Needs You!


ReshoringUK, a GTMA initiative ( )are embarking on an ambitious project to “Map the UK Toolmaking” sector.

By completing the form below every company’s profile entry on will be FREE OF CHARGE  

We will notify you when your profile has been uploaded so you can review and amend as required.

Please note that neither  ReshoringUK, or GTMA will share your details with any external third party, and we comply fully with current GDPR policies.

Email addresses will not be shown on the profile page, but only used as a contact point through the website to contact with any direct enquiries received.

UK manufacturing needs the skills, knowledge and experience of UK Toolmakers. Please support this initiative by sharing this with all your contacts.

If you require any further information, then please contact either or Tel 0121 392 8994

Details required for your free entry on the ReshoringUK website:
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