Energy News – Early June 2021

North Yorkshire-based energy group Drax has signed a long-term deal to help deliver the world’s largest negative emissions power generation project.

Drax and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering, part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, have agreed a deal for the company to use its carbon capture technology – the Advanced KM CDR process.

Combining UK innovation and Japanese technology, the contract will see Drax license MHI’s unique carbon capture solvent, KS-21, to capture CO2 at its power station near Selby.

Drax is already the largest decarbonisation project in Europe, having converted its power station to use sustainable biomass instead of coal, reducing its emissions by more than 85%.

Drax signs ‘game changing’ contract

Leaders from Cheshire and Warrington are calling on the Government to accelerate its transformational vision for an economy based on clean energy and Net Zero emissions by 2050.

In a year when the UK is hosting two global summits – the G7 in Cornwall and COP26 in Glasgow in November – local business and political leaders want to see the pace of change pick-up.

The Government set out its plans last December in its energy white paper, which pulled together energy-related policy from a broad range of sectors, including the built environment, transport and the nuclear industry.

Robert Davis, chief executive of EA Technology, and co-chair of the Cheshire and Warrington Sustainable and Inclusive Growth Commission, said: “We are expecting more consultations and hopefully decisions throughout 2021.


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