Power Generation News, October 2020

Banks Renewables has secured approval to build a wind farm that will feature the tallest turbines granted planning permission in Scotland to date.

The Scottish government has approved the plans for Lethans Wind Farm, east of New Cumnock in East Ayrshire. Banks Renewals had revised the plans to maximise the supply of electricity.

Approval means Lethans’ 22 turbines, with maximum tip height of 220m, will have a maximum output of up to 105.6MW. 

When it lodged the original plan in 2015, Banks Renewables had valued the construction costs at an estimated £105m with a potential £21m to form local contracts. The original plan for Lethans Wind Farm was approved in March 2018. However, Banks Renewables undertook an extensive redesign of the project to maximise efficiency, including reducing the number of turbines from 26 to 22 and changing the layout of the wind farm. To reflect those changes, the company submitted a Section 36 planning application to the Scottish government’s Energy Consents & Deployment Unit, which has now been fully approved. 



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