Defence News – March 2019

Boeing and the Australian government are to develop the Airpower Teaming System, an unmanned aircraft that will provide ‘fighter-like performance’ in support of manned military aircraft. Australia’s Ministry of Defence will invest up to AUS$40m in developing the aircraft, which is scheduled to take its first flight in 2020. The prototype, dubbed Loyal Wingman – Advanced Development Program, will feed into the production of the Boeing Airpower Teaming System, a platform that represents the company’s largest investment in a new unmanned aircraft ... Read more

Rail News – February 2019

EPSRC-funded project aims to develop a self-powered, wide-area track condition monitoring system for the railways. The UK’s rail passengers make 1.7 billion train journeys each year, while 400,000 tonnes of freight are transported over the network every day. Delays and disruption to the rail network because of failures and unplanned maintenance work can have a significant impact on the economy. Detecting damage to the track in real time, before it is able to propagate, is therefore vitally important to ensure the smooth ... Read more

Energy News – February 2019

Scottish Power in the UK will invest up to £2bn in 2019, as the company transitions from fossil fuels to wind power, battery storage and EV charging. It is claimed that a total of £6bn will be spent between 2018 and 2022, with 40% invested in new wind generation, 42% going towards smart networks, and 15% on new products and services for its customers. This will include a new public EV charging business, with installations set to get underway in 2019. There ... Read more

Energy – Nuclear News February 2019

A new high-tech nuclear centre set to bring millions of pounds to the Midlands has opened. However, this comes at a time when the UK's nuclear industry faces criticism. The Derby Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing and Research Centre will reportedly deliver on the commitments set out in the government’s nuclear sector deal. The deal seeks to ensure that the UK continues to power British homes through innovation, new technologies and promoting a diverse and skilled workforce in the nuclear sector. NAMRC expects to generate £5m ... Read more

Aerospace News – Jan 2019

AREOSPACE The University of Sheffield's AMRC have collaborated with Airbus on a project to automate the delivery of tooling supplies at Airbus' Broughton factory. Airbus has said they could develop robots that would be able to autonomously shift entire aircraft wing assemblies at its North Wales factory. The comments follow the announcement that the aircraft-manufacturing giant has successfully trialled autonomous mobile robots at their Broughton site. The company now say the technology could be expanded to ship entire aircraft wing assemblies as the ... Read more

Automotive News – Jan 2019

AUTOMOTIVE There is something unmistakably Aston Martin about the new Vantage. It retains the British marque’s characteristic blend of aggression and sophistication – like a cage fighter squeezed into a Savile Row suit. However, it is in other respects quite different to cars that have gone before it and the rest of the current range.  The previous Aston Martin line-up felt a bit like a set of Russian dolls but now there is a concerted effort now to give each new model ... Read more

Manufacturing News – Jan 2019

MANUFACTURING New data has shown that those who can help businesses capitalise on technological advances – such as digital technologies and automation – are seeing wages rise well above the national average. Engineering salaries are being driven up by the increasing demand for candidates with digital skills to capitalise on emerging technologies, as well as the nationwide shortage of engineering talent more broadly. That is according to new data from the 2019 Reed Engineering Salary Guides, which analysed more than 10 million jobs ... Read more

Manufacturing News, December 2018

MANUFACTURING   The University of Nottingham has opened a £24m Advanced Manufacturing Building (AMB), which it hopes, will keep UK manufacturing competitive for future generations. Opened by Siemens UK CEO, Juergen Maier, the AMB will be used to support teaching and research activities across the Faculty of Engineering and wider University of Nottingham. Maier said the University of Nottingham’s AMB “will help place the region and indeed the country at the cutting edge of digital manufacturing.” Three main research groups belonging to the faculty; ... Read more

Aerospace News, December 2018

AEROSPACE Ilmor Engineering has applied motorsport technologies to make a diesel aerospace engine meet green clean requirements. The Northampton-based company improved the power density of a General Aviation diesel engine by applying technologies and design solutions honed in motor sport to successfully deliver an EU Clean Sky 2 (CS2) programme, funded by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation project aimed at reducing CO2, gas emissions and noise pollution. Ilmor Engineering is world renowned for producing championship-winning engines for Formula 1 and IndyCar and ... Read more

Automotive News, December 2018

AUTOMOTIVE It is no secret that the electric and hybrid vehicle market is experiencing a high level of growth, particularly as consumers become more aware of global sustainability issues. Not only do electric vehicles help the environment, they are becoming more viable from a cost perspective. However, a common factor preventing consumers from purchasing fully electric vehicles (EVs) is ‘range anxiety’; barriers to entry include concerns about not being able to do long journeys, lengthy charging times and a lack of charging ... Read more
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