MMMA Chairman, Adrian Haller on Brexit & Reshoring


The UK left the European Union (EU) at the end of 2020 when the transition period ended, but will this move have an impact on the sheet metal forming industry?
Leath-Dawson is sure that leaving the bloc will provide a positive boost to the industry. “We go back to the 1970s slogan ‘Buy British’ and things start to be more nationally produced which will be good for manufacturing and our economy. I think it will have a stronger local focus that will be great for our industry.”
Haller concurs, and feels the reduced bureaucracy will help boost trade to other markets so leaving the EU allows the UK to spread its wings, opening up new
opportunities across the globe.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic a Reshoring UK ( ) programme was launched to bring back more manufacturing and engineering home along
with some concerns over the UK’s reliance on global supply chains. This initiative is being firmly backed by the association. Haller feels the programme is “absolutely essential” and is much needed by the UK’s power press makers, providing an opportunity to pull together to grow business and help Reshoring UK will also prove an invaluable tool for the MMMA to grow its membership.

Marketing coordinator Bill Neal explains:
“It is up to us to keep our members up-todate about what opportunities are out there for them, as certainly, the indications are there in some industries that companies are looking to bring production back into the UK. “When they do that, these companies will need to employ the latest production techniques and technology in order to compete, and many of our members are in the right position to deliver that.”

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