Automotive News, Late March, 2020


More than £50m has been invested in the Nissan plant in Sunderland as the firm gears up to build the new Qashqai.

The Japanese car-manufacturer said its new press, which weighs over 2,000 tonnes and can exert a pressure of 5,000 tonnes, forms part of its £400m investment in the plant.

The Qashqai, which came out in 2006, is the plant’s most successful car.

Nissan had previously said that a no-deal Brexit could make its European business model “unsustainable”.

The press took 18 months to install

A Coventry automotive design and manufacturing company has set up a joint venture with a leading electric vehicle manufacturer from Belarus which will create 600 jobs by establishing a zero-emissions manufacturing plant.

CCA and BKM Holding – which have a combined heritage of over 150 years – have created a joint venture company called Wave Industries.

The agreement was signed at a private reception in London with Belarus Prime Minister Sergei Rumas, who has given his personal backing to the project to jointly produce electric buses and commercial vans.

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