Automotive News, December 2017

Midlands sports car manufacturer Morgan Motor Company has revealed details of its most extreme road going model to date.  The race-inspired Aero GT is based upon the lightweight aluminium Aero 8 but with an all-new hand-worked, aerodynamically honed body which reduces drag but significantly increases downforce.

The Malvern-based company said it aimed to utilise the knowledge it had learned from Morgan’s GTS race victories. The car was conceived initially during the development of the 2015 Aero 8 but never saw the light of day. Morgan has said that the final eight hand-built Aero 8 cars to roll out of its factory next year will be Aero GT variants.

However, any Morgan fans hoping to secure one of the new models will be disappointed – all eight have already been ordered and each will be individually tailored to their owner’s specific requirements.

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