Aerospace News, Late January, 2020


Rolls-Royce has been making significant strides towards the augmentation of its electrification offering to the world via three important projects in Europe and the UK.

Between seizing controlling interest in a Berlin-based electricity storage firm, pioneering a revolutionary electrical power system for the Ministry of Defence, and launching an advanced manufacturing hub for efficient jet engines in Bristol – and all in the first month of a new decade -Rolls-Royce could be said to be ‘taking charge’ of the EV marketplace.

The “electric revolution” is one means by which countries – not least the UK – are seeking to reduce their carbon emissions output. Another obvious benefit, for manufacturing purposes, is the innovative production, storage, and consumption of energy sources both in manufacture and the products themselves. (More ‘power’ to those with an integrated circular economy piece).

But Rolls-Royce appears to be satisfying all aspects of the electrification criteria with ‘shocking’ dexterity.

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