Aerospace News, February 2017

A bribery settlement and the fall in the pound have pushed engineering giant Rolls-Royce to a record loss. The jet engine maker reported a loss before tax of £4.6bn for 2016.

Rolls-Royce agreed to pay £671 m to settle corruption cases with UK and US authorities and it has written off £4.4bn from currency related contracts.

Like many international businesses, Rolls-Royce usually “hedges” its bets to protect itself from fluctuating currency markets. Most international aerospace contracts are priced in dollars, but, as a UK company, much of Rolls-Royce’s costs are in pounds.

Underlying profits fell to £813m, down from £1.4bn the previous year, although the fall was much less than many analysts had forecast. Rolls-Royce, which has been a completely separate company to the car-maker since 1971, said the outlook or this year was for a “modest performance improvement”, while chief executive Warren East said more needed to be done to improve profit margins.



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