Julia Moore – Reshoring UK gives exclusive interview in AUTOMATED Magazine

Julia Moore, chief executive of Reshoring UK gives an exclusive interview for AUTOMATED magazine.  Reshoring UK is a collaboration of leading industrial engineering trade bodies that help manufacturers connect with reliable UK suppliers. Reshoring UK encourages companies to engage with the national supply chain and recognises its resilience and potential for innovation.

AUTOMATED: Can you give me some background on Reshoring UK and its aims?

JM: We recently launched Reshoring UK as a digital platform to represent a unique growing collaboration of 33 leading industrial engineering associations and research establishments. One of our key objectives is to connect manufacturers with trusted, accredited UK suppliers capable of providing technical support, specialist products and niche services.

While the Coronavirus vaccination programme is welcome news, the global shock of the pandemic has seriously disrupted supply chains. We understand how challenging it is to set up new supply chains, but manufacturers need to be conscious of the risks to their businesses when the shipping of key components is delayed. It is important that the risks are addressed by manufacturers to avoid the impact that future shocks may have on production and deliveries.

There is significant intrinsic value in making things here in the UK, and numerous opportunities to innovate. As a nation, the UK has an impressive track record, demonstrated by the high number of patents granted each year.

Reshoring UK highlights the skills and resources of UK supply chains and helps manufacturers who are considering domestic production for new projects or when relocating existing work programmes onshore.

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