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WS2 – Problem Solver for the Plastics Industry

Many plastic injection moulders and toolmakers are finding WS2 low-friction surface treatment the answer to their release, flow and pick-up problems.

Indeed, the number of tools where production was either difficult or impossible being transformed by WS2 to a working condition continues to increase.

Many moulders are specifying WS2 on new tools as a means of cutting the time spent on ‘getting the tool working’ while reducing production ‘down time’ and cycle-times to a minimum.

WS2 is used on plastic injection moulds as a permanent release agent and ‘coated-on’ lubricant. WS2 is finding particular usage with unscrewing cores, injection mould cavities and cores, inserts, knife blades for film cutting, blow moulding, head tooling, clean room moulding operations, hot runner valve gear and enhancement of flow-in moulds with filing problems. When used on stainless steels it can eliminate pickup and galling on metal-on-metal sliding parts.

A Midlands Electrical Switch Box moulder had a problem mould with parts regularly sticking. WS2 was applied to both halves of the mould. After three months the company reported 140 hours saving in down-time and 1/4 tonne saving in material. The total job cost less than Ј200!

WS2 is a problem solver for the Plastics Industry!

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