WS Jenkins

Manufacturer of Industrial Powder Coatings.

W.S. Jenkins & Co Limited., exports its products worldwide, providing both traditional and modern wood finishing materials and a comprehensive range of sundry products. Included in our extensive range are products sold under our trade names, PARIMOVA paint strippers, HARRELL’S wax polishes and STAINAX which is a range of coloured water-based wax emulsions. We appreciate that technology moves forward and are continually developing and improving our products, whilst acknowledging that with some products, such as our French and Wax polishes, the utilisation of the highest quality raw materials manufactured to our traditional recipes produces the finest products on the market.We are able to produce small batches of products to the customers own specification and enquiries outside of our standard product range are welcome


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WS Jenkins


0151 486 0486


Jeco Works
Tariff Road, Tottenham

N17 0EN

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