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Viridian is the UKs leading compressed air service provider. We operate across the country, providing compressed air solutions to industry. Our  product  range  Viridian  is  the  UKs  leading  compressed  air  service  provider.  We  operate  across  the  country,  providing  compressed  air solutions  to  industry.  Our  product  range  represents  the  most  comprehensive  portfolio  of  compressed  air  equipment  and  parts  around.  Viridian Air  Systems  operates  nationally  and  offers  a  24  hour  call  out  service.  Regular  and  planned  servicing  can  not  only  prolong  the  life  of  your compressor plant but will also cut down the number of breakdowns and unscheduled downtime. Viridian Air Systems uses only genuine manufacturer’s spare parts & service items.

When  buying  a  system  from  Viridian  you  are  purchasing  the  expertise  of  the  company  for  the  entire  lifetime  of  the  system.  You  will  receive  continuously  available  advice  on  any  compressed  air  problem,  comprehensive  breakdown  services, energy saving suggestions.

Our aim is to provide a total package of benefits for your system and your company.

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Viridian Air Systems Limited


0151 639 8666


Unit 39, Wirral Business Centre
Dock Road
CH41 1JW

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