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third dimensionWe manufacture hand-held and robotic laser measurement systems

Third Dimension’s feature measurement systems, GapGun® (hand-held) and Vectro® (robotic), are the smartest way to precisely inspect turbine blades, aerostructures, chamfers, welds, countersinks gap, flush, radius, edge breaks, seals and more. Holder of two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, Third Dimension’s systems have been fully integrated into quality control processes by leading OEMs, Tier 1s and 2s in the automotive, aerospace and energy sectors worldwide.

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The GapGun Pro 2 measures gap and flush, radius, edge break, burr, countersink, scratch, weld, seal, angle and more.

GapGun Pro’s highly ergonomic and lightweight design means it is readily adopted by operators.

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VECTROvectro robot

Vectro automates the advanced non-contact feature measurement capabilities of the GapGun Pro.

Vectro works either robot mounted or in fixtured applications. The system includes a mounting plate that can be attached to your choice of robot.

Vectro improves productivity, enables greater throughput, cuts inspection cost and reduces rework.
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