Tharsus Limited

Tharsus is a designer and manufacturer of advanced machines and autonomous robotic solutions.

Our end-to-end product development offer allows us to work with customers whatever stage they’re at with their product, be it initial idea, prototype or pilot journey into smarter scale manufacture.

Tharsus work with new and existing technologies to develop hardware and software solutions for early stage customers with an innovative approach to our work.

The majority of our suppliers are UK based and proximate to our Northeast England HQ which keeps our supply chains stable and delivery virtually 100% despite the challenging climate.

Products & Services

  • Product Design
  • Advanced Manufacture
  • Supply Chain
  • Pilot Manufacture
  • Product Development Partner


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001

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Company Name

Tharsus Limited


01670 368000


Coniston Road
Blyth Business Park
NE24 4RF

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