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System 3R are one of the world’s leading tooling, workholding and automation specialists, providing productivity, accuracy, efficiency and flexibility solutions for precision engineering and EDM processes.

The key to our success is our neutral ‘open architecture’, ensuring our systems are compatible with every type of machine tool and process. We have also placed extremely strong emphasis on developing software that enables machines of all types to communicate with each other to provide seam-free production. Ultimately, this rewards our customers with cost-effective productivity-enhancing solutions, increased profitability and the ability to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Standardising on one tooling system has very clear advantages. Primarily it allows toolmakers to transfer workpieces or electrodes from one process to another – from EDM to high-speed multi-axis machining, for example – without any loss of positioning or accuracy. With high technology industries such as aerospace, motorsport, medical devices and telecommunications demanding very strict tolerances, it is vital to select a tooling system that guarantees repeatable accuracy down to around 2 microns. By allowing System 3R to become your ‘One System Partner’, these benefits will soon become a reality.

System 3R will help you work smarter by delivering greater manufacturing efficiencies, reducing costs and improving productivity. This achievable improvement to the bottom line will enable you to not only survive, but grow – and to vitally secure the future jobs of your workforce.

The challenge to improve machine productivity and utilisation – from existing machines – by reducing set-up times and capitalising on ‘lights-out’ production is one that System 3R is meeting successfully all over the world.

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