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Spectrum Metrology was formed in 1998 and we are specialists in the field of electro-optical metrology, surface roughness, contact and non-contact metrology applications. With many years experience Spectrum Metrology will take the time to find the best solution to your measurement requirements.

Spectrum Metrology is the UK agent for:

Taylor Hobson workshop systems (surface roughness, form and roundness): including the handheld Surtronic roughness meters, the Form Talysurf Intra for form and contour Ester Segarrameasurement and the Surtronic R high speed workshop roundness measurement system.

Taylor Hobson Alignment, Angle & Level products: Talyvel electronic level, Autocollimators, Clinometers and Micro Alignment Telescopes

Brunson Laser Tracker Accessories – including target holders, stands and tripodsd, drift nests and retroreflectors (SMR/CCRs)

spectrumDr Schneider Messtechnik dimensional measurement product range – including shaft measurement, profile and measurement projectors, workshop video microscopes and multi-sensor CMMs

4D InSpec  Instant 3D micro defect inspection – 3D micro-measurement, quantifying pits, scratches, nicks, dents, bumps, porosity and other features from 5µm – 2.5mm deep or tall

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