Snell & Prideaux Limited

Snell & Prideaux is a long established metal finishing company, based in the heart of Birmingham. Since being set up in 1880 the company has developed, and is now able to provide a range of services, to cater for the demands of manufacturers for metal finishing. We have an eye for detail, and ensure a strict quality control to ensure that all our work is produced to the required standard.

Colour Anodising, Electroplating (Rack and Barrel), Electro-less Plating, Barrel Enamel Painting and Bronzing are all examples of the services that we are able to provide, all at competitive prices. We specialise in processing small items in high quantities.

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Company Name

Snell & Prideaux Limited


0121 333 4855


68 Thomas Street

B6 4TN

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