Silicair Dryers Limited

Silicair Dryers Limited was formed in 1967 and continues to be one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of desiccant compressed air and gas drying equipment for the removal of water vapour and other airborne contaminants.

The company was established to provide high quality engineered solutions by supplying dryers or complete dryer packages to reliably supply dry air at a very low dewpoint for any number of critical applications and processes.

In 1999 Silicair Dryers acquired the ongoing business of Dryvent Limited and still continues to support all products supplied prior to the acquisition.

The Company aims to offer excellent service and reliability and continues to have an excellent reputation for providing high quality solutions for the treatment of compressed air in all industrial sectors.

Whether you require a small desiccant dryer for a workshop or laboratory application through to a highly complex dryer/filter/controls package for an offshore or petrochemical installation, Silicair Dryers can provide you with a cost effective and energy efficient solution to meet your particular requirements. The Silicair brand name is also synonymous throughout the World with clients and contractors who require a fully engineered product designed and constructed to their own specifications, with the packages often being part of a larger turnkey project involving compressors, air receivers, control systems and other associated equipment.

  • Air treatment & downstream

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Silicair Dryers Limited


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