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The Sempre Group – formerly Metrology Direct

Our Vision, Purpose & Passion: Creating Value

Providing trusted products, services and solutions to industry

Our Divisions

Industrial Metrology

A diverse range of measuring systems contact and non-contact options and industrial software.


  • optical shaft measurement
  • multi-sensing cmms
  • 2d field of view measurement
  • 3d white light scanning & reverse engineering
  • roundness and form
  • roughness and contour
  • cmm systems
  • verification artifacts
  • high speed measurement
  • custom solutions
  • quality management software
  • industrial data acquisition software
  • machine tool data collection software

Measuring Instruments

A comprehensive range of hand tools, gauges and workshop equipment suitable for shop floor use.


  • hand tools
  • height gauges
  • tachometers, stroboscopes & data loggers
  • force and torque
  • portable roughness and contour testers
  • thread depth and plug gauges
  • linear digital measuring systems


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Engineering Services

Technical service and support, design and development of fixtures and gauges, consultation and contract measurement services.


  • service, calibration, repairs & upgrades
  • training
  • design and development services
  • contract measurement services
  • support agreements


Lean Enterprise

Lean products and services incl. ergonomic workshop benches, floor markings and visual boards.

  • computer protection
  • quality points
  • lean approaches
  • visual communication
  • workflow solutions
  • anti-fatigue matting, floor markings & signage
  • training solutions and symposiums

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The Sempre Group Limited


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