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Born for the luxury watchmaking industry, RECO & BULA machines are recognised for their precise Grinding and Polishing capabilities, applicable for medical implants, tool manufacturing, aerospace, and other precision engineering industries. For specialists in the delicate applications of complex geometries, the RECO MR430 and CT501 offer unparalleled finishing to the highest standard.

Since 1952, BULA machines have continuously revolutionized the fields of aesthetic and technical finishing. A spirit of constant innovation led to the creation of the famous rotating table, programmable or indexed, which is still unequalled today in terms of productivity.

Comprising of various manual and fully automated finishing centres, the complete RECO product range enables a range of operations to craft perfect products and parts. A range of industries benefit from tailored functionalities of the RECO machines which achieve desired finishes.

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Recomatic – CNC Machines


+44 (0) 2 922 528 105


Benoit Mastrini
Managing Director


Britannia House,
Caerphilly Business Park,
Van Road,
CF83 3GG

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