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Since its foundation in 1988, Priorclave have grown to become one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of low pressure (up to 2.4 Bar) Research Grade Laboratory Autoclaves for use throughout the food, drink, dairy, health and pharmaceutical industries.

The Priorclave range is from 40L capacity Bench-top models through to larger rectangular profile models of 700L and above and a full range of options and accessories are offered to optimise performance for any particular application. A full range of double door, pass-through models are also available.

Priorclaves are manufactured using modern CNC equipment, allowing quick response to customers’ demands for high quality, cost-effective equipment. With an in-house design team and a 2,500 M2 manufacturing facility Priorclave are able to offer bespoke designs to suit particular applications when required.
As an approved manufacturer and designer of pressure vessels and systems for autoclaves Priorclave offers Research Grade Autoclaves built either to the European Pressure Vessel Directive or A.S.M.E standards under an ISO9001 quality system.
Priorclave innovate and have turned innovation into de facto standards. Low loading heights, compact designs, modular construction for easy upgrading, thermal safety lock on all models, full microprocessor control across the whole range, media warming, vacuum assisted cooling, application led literature and biocidal external surfaces are now commonplace features that were introduced by Priorclave to the UK autoclave market.
Priorclave Service and Support offers support over the telephone throughout the world along with on the ground technical support and servicing from their own technicians and a worldwide network of fully trained and supported service agents. Priorclave is also approved as a calibration laboratory by UKAS and offers calibration and full performance qualification testing of its autoclaves at customer premises.
Priorclave are dedicated to manufacturing only Research Grade Laboratory autoclaves hence their strapline “Autoclaves are our Business”.

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Priorclave Limited


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