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Following the work of Dr Shaheen Hamdy, using brain imaging techniques to study the brain’s role in swallowing , we are developing a new class of device for stimulating the brain to improve swallowing function.

Improving Swallowing Function
Through a series of clinical studies Dr Shaheen Hamdy has been developing the first evidence-based treatment for acute dysphagia. The treatment is designed to improve swallowing function quickly, and thereby reducing risks to patients, and the cost of care to healthcare providers. Since 2007 Dr Hamdy has been working with Phagenesis to translate the complex neurological mode of action into a simple and robust device for routine use.

The treatment involves the precise delivery of controlled electrical pulses to the nerve clusters linked to the muscle groups involved in swallowing. The stimulation pulses then travel back along nerve pathways to the swallowing control centres in both hemispheres of the brain (as shown in the real time brain scans above). This focused stimulation selectively increases brain activity and results in rapid and long-lasting improvements in swallowing function and control.

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