Paragon Rapid Technologies

Paragon Rapid Technologies

What do you want to make today?

Paragon Rapid Technologies provides world-class support throughout the product development cycle, from innovation to manufacturing. For more than 15 years our specialist engineers have been helping businesses like yours excel in your industry sector. We help you to bring complex, or simple, designs to life and to keep your supply chain agile.

Operating through three core business brands, Paragon AM Technologies, Paragon Rapid Technologies and Paragon CNC Technologies, Paragon is a one-stop-shop for rapid prototypes, low volume manufacturing and on-demand production parts. Our outstanding technical expertise and process knowledge help us provide manufacturing support of the highest quality to the aerospace, defence and security, automotive and transport, medical, marine, consumer products, industrial products, architectural, entertainment, and energy, oil and gas industries.

Formed in 2003, we are part of the Northern Powerhouse with purpose-built facilities at our head office in Darlington, County Durham.


Our Brands

Paragon AM Technologies

Manufacturing revolutionised. Transform your product development process with reduced costs, innovative design capability and faster lead times. 3D printing for prototyping, pattern masters, tooling and volume production of end-use parts.

Paragon Rapid Technologies

Innovation streamlined. A range of vacuum casting, reaction injection moulding, silicone moulding and model making capabilities enabling cost efficiencies in prototype development, and low volume production visual models, pre-production parts and pre-launch testing parts; as well as production of finished parts.

Paragon CNC Technologies

Engineering and production re-imagined. Precision machined parts with superior surface quality for prototyping and production; tooling to enable lower labour costs and higher speeds of delivery; and gauges, jigs and fixtures for greater precision and improved quality of parts.

Our markets:

  • Automotive and Transport
  • Aerospace
  • Architecture
  • Consumer Goods
  • Design
  • Energy, Oil and Gas
  • Entertainment
  • Industrial Products
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Models and Displays
  • Security and Defence



Products and Services

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Company Name

Paragon Rapid Technologies


01325 333141


Phil Adamson
Managing Director


Aviation Way,
Durham Tees Valley Airport,
County Durham,

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