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Ohmedics Ltd (Ohmedics) is an advanced bioelectronics company for wearables, digital health and diagnostics that spun out from the University of Strathclyde. Ohmedics offers advanced diagnostic systems based on bioelectronics principles that are easy to use in the home or clinic as well as telehealth integration services for clinical providers. We have also developed a range of consumer wearable devices for wellbeing. Ohmedics possesses extensive experience and an IP portfolio of granted and pending patents suitable for mobile diagnostic and monitoring systems and in our strategic plans for telehealth and advanced wound care we have a number of products in development. Ohmedics has three platform technologies for wearable and portable devices for home, hospital or consumer use, backed up by granted IP for; (1) wearable wound sensors, (2) rapid point of care and wearable bacterial sensors, (3)transdermal skin-mounted diagnostic sensors for parameters such as hydration, glucoes and lacta

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Ohmedics Limited


+44 (0)141 339 5619


47 Hughenden Gardens
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