Maker Industrial Products Limited

Maker Industrial is a toll manufacturer and custom blending operation, based in Bury, Lancashire. It specialises in the manufacture and packaging of water based pigmented solutions for the paper, paint, adhesive and construction markets. Operating from a purpose built 23,000 sqft premises, it can blend, mix or develop and package water based coatings from 1litre to 28,000kg tanker. Currently we are manufacturing water based paints for the sports marking market and inks for a variety of applications.

We distinguish ourselves by working with our customers to provide custom formulations that enhance their own portfolio of products. We also work with suppliers and our customers to optimise their production by offering intermediates and pigmented slurries using our own R+D laboratory and expert team. Our variety of mixing options both liquid and powder and our in depth knowledge of white pigment and fillers, separates us from the competition. We work closely with our sister company, Rakem Limited, and their partners to find the best solution for our customers.

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Maker Industrial Products Limited


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