Lysis Technologies Limited

Lysis Technologies Limited was set up as a Research and Development laboratory to provide unique capabilities, which goes far beyond conventional printing ink and coating concepts. We design and manufacture bespoke Screen and Pad Printing inks and coatings  to comply with customer’s specifications.

We prepare all our own ink varnishes and all our own pigment dispersions giving us complete control over formulation and manufacture. By continually investing in the business we now have a suite of laboratories in which we can analyse, formulate and test inks for any of the printing processes. Our knowledge of substrates, our range of installed laboratory and commercial printing presses together with most types of drying apparatus allows us to formulate high-performance inks.

Over the time we have also responded to the needs of the market and have researched and developed a wide range of inks to meet general rather than specific targets. These inks are available generally and are our first port of call in the servicing of clients problems.

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Lysis Technologies Limited


+44 (0)1425 200 461


Kings Farm, Hordle, Hampshire, SO41 0HD

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