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Labotek GB is part of Labotek A/S family, who have been a pioneer of high quality, cutting-edge solutions to the plastic industry since its inception in 1943.
Today Labotek A/S is a leading provider of ancillary equipment, developed on the basis of the newest technologies and designed to reduce energy consumption to the absolute minimum.

The Labotek ranges include:
Drying: LHD Hot Air Dryers, LCD machine mounted Compressed air Dryers, LRD machine mounted Rotary Desiccant Dryers, DMR Mobile Rotary Desiccant Dryer, DDM Mobile Double Desiccant dryer and Central drying systems and hoppers, including the Labotek Gravi-Dryer range. All of which offer the Labotek Energy Saving System (L.E.S.S) to reduce running costs and prevent over drying the material.
Conveying: Minifeed single phase and brushless loaders, Con-Evator SVR three phase loaders, and central conveying system based on the Mirco-Scan, Labo-net & Labo-sync controls

Dosing: RS2000 ratio selector for mixing re-grind and virgin, MC volumetric & MC Balance gravimetric screw dosing units.

All are complimented by the extensive range of Ferlin Gravimetric Blenders, Getecha Granulators / Shredders and Dyna-con Conveyors modular conveyors.

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Labotek GB


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