König-mtm GmbH Spanntechnik has been one of the most innovative companies in the sector of high precision clamping products in machine tools for decades.


The product range includes clamping devices like mandrels and chucks in hydraulic and mechanical versions that are sold under the product brand Königdorn® to leading mechanical engineering companies and industrial companies. The customers’ components that are manufactured as precision products on Königdorn® devices range from aircraft parts to components for the automotive industry and from construction equipment to gear wheels for wind power plants.

The product brand Königdorn®meanwhile became a real quality symbol for international mechanical engineering companies and the automotive industry. The customized clamping tools are as single or small series products generally individual developments according to their machining task.

We set the highest precision standards for our clamping tools: run-out accuracies of  thousandth of a  millimetre are a daily occurrence. Legitimately, König-mtm was awarded by MTU Aero Engines, one of Europe’s leading producers of aerospace engines, with the “Registered and Approved Supplier” award in 2006, and in 2007 with the “Supplier Award”. The international aerospace industry makes great demands on production precision and material quality. And as a result of long business relations and well-founded experiences, components for aerospace engines, which have to present a ZERO-error-tolerance, are produced as well on Königdorn® devices.

Supported by a wide-ranging network of international representatives König-mtm sells clamping devices to mechanical engineering companies and industrial companies all over the world.

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