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Jenton International manufactures and distributes specialist automation equipment into the UK and Irish markets and has done so since 1973.  Core business areas are medical, electronics, automotive and packaging and Jenton designs and supplies UV curing and drying systems, jigs and ovens as well as UV air and surface disinfection, viscosity controls and bespoke automation including banding, stacking, testing and converging. We have good capability in industrial control, sensing and instrumentation relating to core business.

UV Curing

UV curing is a significant contribution to the Jenton business. We supply all types of UV curing equipment found in engineering applications from UV conformal coating through UV spot cure systems used in medical device and optical device manufacture to high intensity arc and LED systems for industrial applications involving, adhesives, ink jet, paints and specialist coatings.
Jenton International UV Equipment

Our Other UV Equipment and Services

As well as lamps, Jenton designs and manufactures UV conveyors, ovens and custom mechanical handling systems, supplying UV measurement and radiometer units and carrying out their calibrations. In the packaging industry, we provide paper and film bundling machines as well as conveyor-based automation such as convergers, divergers, stackers, seal testers and pick and place systems as well as integrated control systems and associated software. Most products are designed and manufactured by Jenton in the UK.

UVC Disinfection and Liquid Control

Jenton designs and supplies UVC disinfection systems for room air, HVAC and product disinfection for pass-through to cleanrooms / high-risk areas.  In addition, Jenton’s staff are experts in viscosity and liquid control systems for inks, coatings and various industrial fluids where viscosity can be controlled by control of diluents, temperature, thickness and flow.

Jenton has fully equipped workshop and service facilities in Whitchurch, Hants and a wide range of the above equipment available for purchase (of course!), hire, demonstration and testing.


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Jenton International


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