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Industrial Protective Paints   Our company is a family business, which started as a partnership around 1986, and became a limited company in February 2005.   The company, Industrial Protective Paints Limited, is in the business of manufacturing a wide range of industrial coatings.  Approximately one third of our business is for export mainly to European and West African countries.   The rest of our business is supplying directly to companies through distributors and through our internet presence.   We have excellent trading relationships with many other long established coatings companies both in the UK and other countries.  We have an excellent credit rating, and we have no overdraft or bank loans, but have a healthy bank balance giving us a solid trading platform.

We expect our business to grow steadily as it has done over the past years.  01782 550733.

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Industrial Protective Paints


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Stroke on Trent

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