HPC is one company that operates as two distinct businesses – HPC Compressed Air Systems & HPC Precision Engineering.

HPC Precision Engineering has over 50 years of engineering and manufacturing experience which has been sustained through a deep commitment to be innovative. With a product legacy in automotive from the world of Formula 1 motor sport to working with some of the leading prestige car manufacturers, HPC Precision Engineering continues to produce components and assemblies to meet the toughest engineering standards.

Customers from all sectors of industry with ultra-high precision machining requirements look to HPC to turn a design concept into a cost-effective, full volume production reality. This includes some of the most famous global companies in Automotive, Aviation, Medical and Petrochemical.

More recently HPC has expanded its capabilities into other markets including aerospace and energy, taking the same innovative ‘fresh thinking’ approach to tackling these new challenges in a greater diversified market.

  • Air compressors
  • Air treatment & downstream
  • Air Tools
  • Blowers & Vacuum
  • Breathing-Air Systems
  • Nitrogen Generation
  • Pipework & ducting
  • Service, Maintenance, & Parts

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