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Hempel is a world-leading coatings supplier for the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets. From windmills and bridges to hospitals, ships and power stations, our coatings protect manmade structures from the corrosive forces of nature. If you have something to paint, we have a solution for it.

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July 2017

Hempel launches new fast drying coating to deliver optimised productivity

http://www.hempel.com/~/media/Global/images/content-images/protective/Hempaprime-620x438px.jpg?la=enLeading worldwide coatings manufacturer Hempel is introducing its new versatile high-build epoxy intermediate coating to help deliver longer service life for industrial assets. Hempaprime Multi 500, which is launching globally, gives faster drying times and shorter minimum overcoat intervals for the oil & gas, infrastructure and power generation sector.

Specifically designed to be fast drying to optimise productivity by shortening the man hours needed for application, Hempaprime Multi 500 enables three coats to be applied in 20% less time than current products* without compromising on quality, strength, finish or the high-volume solids of the product.

As its name suggests, it is a versatile coating that can be used as a direct to metal or on primed surfaces, as primer, intermediate or topcoat application and is also ideal for minor repairs offering customers simplicity with a single coating solution. This high-performance solution assures a long service life for heavy industrial applications, helping to minimise maintenance requirements.

Due to the unique robustness of Hempaprime Multi 500, fast drying time, faster hardness development and improved cracking resistance, it is possible to move the coated steel or even build upon it faster, with a reduced risk of damaging the coating. This decreases the need for reblasting and recoating, saving time and money.

Monica Li Aviram, Segment Group Product Manager, Infrastructure, at Hempel A/S comments:

“At Hempel, we understand our customers’ need for a fast-drying, intermediate coating to increase productivity and shorten the man hours needed for application. The versatility and adaptability of Hempaprime Multi 500 supports projects for the infrastructure, oil & gas and power generation sector during production, and provides top quality performance to new build assets throughout their service life. By not requiring thinning in optimum conditions, Hempaprime can be easily applied by spray, brush or roller, offering further efficiencies to asset owners.”

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3rd July 2017

Hempel new linings range comes to Europe to maximise production uptime

http://www.hempel.com/~/media/Global/images/content-images/general/55478.jpg?h=484&la=en&w=800Hempel’s new Hempaline Defend epoxy linings are now also available in Europe to protect steel and concrete tanks in challenging and highly corrosive environments. As a single coat system, they ensure assets are returned to service in as little as 24 hours without any reduction in performance.

Aimed specifically at the power and oil & gas industries, where safeguarding production uptime is critical, this new range of linings is a simple choice for heavy duty protection in aggressive environments, reducing the time an asset is taken offline for maintenance.

The range offers:

  • Excellent protection for storage and process vessels against high temperatures and aggressive cargos
  • High-build single-coat system that allows a vessel to be returned to service quickly
  • 100% solids for a VOC-free and low-odour solution
  • Option of glass flake-reinforced products for tank bottoms

In addition, Hempel will be launching its Hempaline Defend vinyl ester linings range in Europe later this year. These coatings are designed specifically for application in acidic environments, neutralisation areas and sumps.

Hempaline Defend epoxy linings were successfully launched in the Middle East and Southeast Asia last year.

29th June 2017

New R&D centre focused solely on life-saving PFP coatings

http://www.hempel.com/~/media/Global/images/content-images/general/61RR.jpeg?h=308&la=en&w=640We’re investing in a new research and development centre focused solely on passive fire protection (PFP) coatings. Located just outside Barcelona in Spain, the centre is due to open towards the end of 2018, and will help us pursue our strategy of expanding our range of these life-saving products.

Applied to structural steel, PFP coatings enable the steel to maintain its load-bearing capacity for up to four hours longer during a fire, giving people valuable time to escape the building. This is an increasingly important consideration for our customers, and to the people who use the buildings and installations.

Our existing range of PFP coatings for cellulosic fires, Hempacore, includes both fast-drying and waterborne versions, and has been used on civil structures around the globe.  Our new R&D facility will enable us to accelerate our work in this area, as we expand our PFP product range to include special PFP coatings for the hydrocarbon fires encountered in the oil and gas industry.

The facility will employ 35 highly experienced technicians and scientists. It will be located in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda near Barcelona, just five kilometres from our existing Spanish R&D facility, and it will be an important addition to global R&D network, as Group President & CEO Henrik Andersen explains.

“At Hempel, R&D begins and ends with the customer. Our 15 R&D centres around the globe all work together as one organisation to ensure that our customers get best-in-class solutions and technical support, whether they are global, multinational or local. PFP coatings are a key element in our Journey to Excellence strategy, and the new PFP-focused R&D centre will ensure we remain at the leading edge of this important technological area.”

The new centre at a glance

  • Focus: PFP coatings for cellulosic and hydrocarbon fires
  • Location: Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, near Barcelona in Spain
  • Employees: 35 highly skilled technicians and scientists
  • Opening date: Q3 2018

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