Heat Treatment 2000 Limited

Ferrous Metals

Continuous Hardening and Tempering

This process is carried out in a controlled protective atmosphere by heating the parts to between 820˚c and 910˚c and quenching in oil. The temperature will be determined by the steel specification.

Fasteners M2 – M42 up to 350mm

Presswork – CS40 – CS70

Capacity of 400 Tons per week

Infrared camera monitoring and recording

Alloy Steels

Carbon Steels

Non Ferrous Metals

The heat treatment of cast / wrought aluminium and extruded alloys is carried out to change the mechanical properties of the castings or extrusions. The heat treatment consists of one or more thermal cycles being applied to the aluminium alloy components. The thermal treatments are designed by suffixes and main ones are as follows

  • M As cast or as manufactured
  • TB or T4 Solution treated and naturally aged
  • TE or T5 Artificially aged
  • TB7 Solution treated and stabilized
  • TF of T6 Solution heat treated and fully artificially aged
  • TF7 Solution treated and artificially aged and stabilized
  • TS Stress relieved and annealed
  • Freezing/Setting

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