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Providing customers with specially designed surface textures, patterns and logos to compliment the design and functionality of their plastic/rubber components and steel/aluminium tools across a diverse range of industries from automotive interiors and exteriors through to leisure and domestic products.

gravutex eschmann textures

Our Design Studios in the UK, Germany and India deliver an unparalleled design, rendering & prototyping service  and with a global network of texturing facilities, our vastly experienced technicians apply long lasting surfaces to steel and aluminium tools.

Traditional chemical etching techniques are employed alongside our pioneering Ceramic Technologies and state-of-the- art LaserTec ablation process to create innovative, eye catching and previously unattainable patterns to mimic leathers, textiles, complex geometric grains as well as matching VDI/EDM surfaces.

Eschmann Textures unique G-Coat & CeraMat coating systems can be applied to tool surfaces to improve the visual appearance of a plastic component. G-Coat works predominantly with polypropylene components to harmonise gloss  levels and reduce moulding related issues, such as tiger striping, flow lines, scuffing and ghosting, whilst CeraMat is intended to control gloss and even mimic painted surfaces for engineering polymers such as PC, ABS and ASA

We offer an exceptional mobile and in- house repair service to support customers experiencing critical situations where damage to a textured surface might lead to production stoppages. This includes an experienced in-house polishing team, co- ordinating laser welding and sand blasting for gloss harmonisation.

  • 24/7 Emergency Mobile Repair Service
  • Ceramic Technologies
  • Full BSI accreditation
  • Polishing
  • Laser Etching Technologies
  • Specialist Coating Systems
  • Design & Prototyping
  • Tool marking and engraving

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Gravutex Eschmann International Ltd


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Steve Aaron
General Manager


Peakdale Road,
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