GPF One Limited

Hypetex is an award-winning engineering and design consultancy, and creator of the world’s first coloured carbon fibre brand.

We’re passionate about providing solutions and advice on the use of carbon fibre composites and experts in developing innovative concepts. Our dedicated engineers have spent more than 20 years refining materials for optimum performance in Formula One racing and are now applying that knowledge to our clients’ projects.

Hypetex has evolved from a company with disruptive technology, to make waves in the composite business as an industry leader. By understanding our customers’ needs and expectations, as well as using our technical ability and commitment, we have extended our business profile to offer a complete end-to-end suite of services for companies that wish to design, create and produce products using composite technology.

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GPF One Limited


0207 8514521


Holden House
57 Rathbone Place
London - Greater London

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