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FPS AIR COMPRESSORS offer an unrivaled competence and experience in all areas of compressed air technology and the applications thereof. Our product range is unmatched in terms of quality, technology and diversity which allow our dedicated support and sales facilities to satisfy the requirements of all users of compressed air from small to large. As specialists in compressed air, we are focused on delivering solutions that work, incorporating technology and features designed for you, that are reliable and economical and engineered to optimise efficiency and safety for all users in the industrial, automotive, food, medical and professional sectors. Whatever the application we offer the solution.

Industrial Air Compressors

The range of industrial air compressors encompasses innovation and technology throughout. From 2.2 -250kW we offer the most energy efficient and reliable products incorporating the most advanced Rotary screw, scroll and piston compressor technology, in oil free, oil less and lubricated format suitable for the most demanding industrial applications.

Automotive and Professional Air Compressors

Our range of piston, rotary screw compressors and silenced air compressors from 0.75kW are designed to offer extremely reliable and user friendly solutions to suit all automotive and professional applications. Our air compressor range also includes higher pressure and mobile systems, so whatever the application we have the ideal solution.

Compressed Air Treatment & Accessories

Managing production efficiency, product quality, environmental issues and lower costs are vitally important to all sectors of industry. The preparation and treatment of your compressed air is a critical aspect to the design of any system. Our range of refrigerated and adsorption dryers, filtration, condensate separators and airline accessories provide all that you need to guarantee clean and dry compressed air providing increased efficiency and lower costs.

Specialist & Medical Applications of Air Compressors

The tremendous diversity in the application of compressed air as an energy source results in many applications involving different solutions. Our range includes compressors for dental and surgical applications, HP compressors for breathing air and paint ball, high pressure boosters and project based systems designed for theme parks and for the transportation industry.

Energy Savings, concepts & Calculators

Compressed air is a vital power source for millions of users. Technological advances means that our products are more energy efficient than ever. We don’t just stop there however and we offer a design and support facility aimed at maximising your efficiency and reducing costs. We are experts in the employment of controls and systems which along with our leading technology including permanent magnet motor, variable speed compressors provide a significant advantage in terms of energy management

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