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Our Additive Casting™ process combines the best of 3D printing and traditional casting to manufacture complex metal parts of any size cost effectively.  We use industrial 3D printing to produce moulds and patterns from which we can cast metal parts using nearly any metal. This approach eliminates the need for tooling allowing for more complex parts to be manufactured from your first prototype to your large annual production volume.

Using Additive casting size doesn’t matter producing castings from less than 1kg up to 60 tonnes. We supply castings in as little as 4 weeks and offer 130 standard materials.

Services Provided;

Enable Manufacturing supply sand or investment castings in as little as 4 weeks.

The Additive Casting process will provide casting without the requirement for expensive tooling.

Enable Manufacturing offers 130 alloys via the Additive Casting process.

The Additive Casting process is cost effective for one off complex components and large production runs.

The casting process has been used to cast components as large as 60 tonnes.


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Enable Manufacturing Limited


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