Dayton Progress Ltd

As part of the Misumi Group, Dayton Progress are one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributers of high precision Punches, Dies, and Die components for the Press & Mold Tool Industries. In addition, we also have a comprehensive capability in manufacturing high precision “special tooling” to customer drawings.

Our focus is on Quality & Delivery. Our products are made to a high standard to ensure the longest tool life possible and we pride ourselves in consistent and reliable delivery times.

We offer standard and special products in many materials such as A2, D2, M2, Powdered Steels & Carbide. In addition we have our own in-house coating plant where we can offer many coatings to further enhance your tooling life.

With over 80 years’ experience in the stamping industry we are able to offer strong technical support and advice on engineered clearances, coatings & part materials, all of which will substantially increase production runs and reduce expensive down time. In particular when stamping today’s structural aluminium and high tensile steels.

We have a very large global presence and are able to support you wherever your Press Tooling is being manufactured or run in production worldwide.


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Dayton Progress Ltd


01926 484192


Dave Loines
Managing Director

Nick Perry
Sales Manager


Holly Farm House,
Holly Farm Business Park,

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