Custom Composites Limited

Custom Composites Limited manufactures a range of composite tubes in epoxy, silicone and phenolic. We are expert in the production of carbon fibre with a wide range of applications, from nuclear waste handling poles to tiller extensions and spinnaker poles for racing dinghies. Epoxy & phenolic tubes are used in various applications such as earthing rods & high voltage “hot sticks” to name a few. Taking the time to understand our customers’ needs ensures every tube produced is specific to its application. Sectors supplied include nuclear, power generation, rail, automotive, aerospace, oil & gas. We offer machined tubes through our sister company Attwater & Sons Limited, specialists in the manufacturing and machining of a wide range of composite materials. Custom Composites Limited, part of the Attwater Group, operates a robust Quality Management system to ISO9001 standards.

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Custom Composites Limited


01706 526255


Units 1 & 2 Ensor Mill, Queensway
Rochdale District
OL11 2NU

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