Bearward Engineering

Bearward Engineering is one of the largest producers of industrial cooling systems in the world, and manufactures cooling systems to suit a variety of engines globally. Semi-automated premises, decades of experience and heavy investment in the latest technology have contributed to Bearward’s worldwide reputation as an expert in the market. Bearward have huge experience working with the end users and understanding their needs to provide cooling solutions which offer the very best long life, and lowest total cost. To make this possible Bearward developed the innovative and unique, ‘Sectional’ cooling system. The sectional cooling system allows for low cost serviceability for radiators no matter of size or location. This allows the ability to maintain the cooling system to an as new condition which improves cooling performance and maintains engine performance for life.

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Bearward Engineering


01604 762 851


Main Road, Far Cotton, Northampton, Northants, NN4 8HJ

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