Bay Photonics

Providing photonic packaging manufacturing services from basic semiconductor downstream services such as die-attach and wire bonding through to complex interconnectivity design and housing of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) incorporating the integration of mechanical, electrical, thermal and optical aspects of the package.

Bay Photonics cover a wide range of markets, from quantum and space technology through to defence and automotive. Products manufactured include optical detectors and laser emitters in hermetic packaging (e.g. TO can and butterfly) with free space or fibre coupled optical interface as well as optical transceivers and single frequency lasers.

In our state of the art facility we have access to fully automatic die-attach and wire bonders, hermetic seam-sealer and hermetic projection weld workstations (including gross and fine leak capability). Optical alignment is undertaken through the use of workstations using piezo-driven stages with sub-micron resolution and repeatability.

  • Semiconductor die-attach and wire-bonding
  • Hermetic sealing of electro-optic packages
  • Optical and electrical connectivity of semiconductor chips
  • Semiconductor detectors (PIN photodiodes, quadrant detectors, SPADs)
  • Semiconductor emitters (laser diodes, semiconductor optical amplifiers, LEDs)



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Bay Photonics


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Andrew Robertson


Electronics & Photonics Innovation Centre (EPIC)
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