Barrett Aerospace PTE Limited

Barrett Aerospace excels in the prototyping of new composite systems and entire vehicles. We are a data orientated company that utilises simulation and computational analysis to quickly design, test and manufacture primary and secondary composite structures. These structures can be fully composite, hybrid and/or highly integrated.
Our sectors are Aerospace, Motorsport, Automotive and Sports & Leisure. Our experience is uniquely broad, based on the success of multiple and global projects.

We participate in academic research and our colleagues have published a handful of composite textbooks. We work scientifically with chemical & weaving specialists allowing us to explore highly customise solutions.

We have experience in Electric Vehicle Design and System Integration. Our most recent success has been to design and prototype the all-Electric “ALICE” Aircraft Empennage.

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Barrett Aerospace PTE Limited


07815 782281


4 Eastwood Park Drive
S41 0BD

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