Aquarius Marine Coatings Limited

Aquarius Marine Coatings Limited (trading as Coppercoat Anti-Foul) was founded in January 1996 by Jayson Kenny and Ewan Clark, following several years working in the marine coatings industry. The company was formed in order to promote the anti-foul Coppercoat (a hard wearing, densely copper filled epoxy resin), on the global market. Sales of Coppercoat, the world’s longest lasting anti-foul, have increased steadily over the last 20 years, resulting in the purchase of a new factory in 2009 and the business currently supports 25 active distributors worldwide. Aquarius Marine Coatings Limited now supplies Coppercoat to many industries including leisure and commercial marine, fishing, oil and gas exploration, power generation (including renewables) and the superyacht sector. Being water based, Coppercoat provides an environmentally responsible, low carbon footprint anti-foul, with a lifespan of up to 20 years.

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Aquarius Marine Coatings Limited


01258 861059


Unit 10, St Patricks Industrial Estate
Station Rd
DT11 0SA

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