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Anderton Concrete is the UK’s market leader in the supply of cable housing systems for lineside cables. STRUCTURAL Anderton Concrete offers a whole range of retaining wall and soil reinforcement solutions. BESPOKE Anderton is well known for manufacturing market-leading rail and structural precast concrete products. However, our offering goes a lot further.

All standard C/1 range straight troughs are available in conjunction with tee pieces, curves and transitions.  All Anderton Troughing is LIGHTWEIGHT and is available in either 1 metre or 500mm lengths. Two other products unique to Anderton are the Ander-Fin and Ander-Clip. Ander-Fin is a cable anchoring system which secures and ties cables to each trough thus making cable theft virtually impossible. Ander-Clip deters unauthorised lid removal by fastening each lid to each trough.

Anderton also manufactures lineside precast concrete bases of various sizes and design as well as Ballast Boards, King Boards and various retaining wall / embankment solutions.


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Anderton Concrete Products Limited


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Anderton Wharf
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