Amtek Precision Engineers Ltd


Amtek Precision Engineers specialise in the design, manufacture and validation of high quality, multicavity plastic injection mould tools for high volume applications.



Our tools are renowned for the fastest possible cycle times and lasting well beyond expectations, and as such are used throughout Europe and North America.

Our team of skilled engineers share in excess of 150 years of experience to bring you the best tool-making the UK has to offer.



Other machining services include high precision CNC turned components, 5-axis milling, hi-speed electrode manufacture, grinding and fitting. We are experts in Wire and Sink EDM.

Our focus on investing in the best machinery and technology produces not only the best quality and tool longevity, but also great productivity, that in turn results in favourable pricing and lead times.

We’re capable and experienced in manufacturing mould-tools up to 8 tonnes with all types of ejections.

We enjoy the best relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers of hot runners.

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Amtek Precision Engineers Ltd


01803 865 665


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