Adelan, is a fuel cell technology business which specialises in clean, low carbon electricity generation, using micro tubular solid oxide fuel cells (mSOFCs).

Adelan was one of the first to capture British fuel cell ingenuity in successive market leading patents, leading to a global reputation in the field.

It is the longest running fuel cell company in the UK.  The market has been slow to adopt this green technology, but now there is a global market shift towards decarbonising and alternative cleaner power generation. Climate change, air pollution and government regulation have recently accelerated the demand for cleaner power generation.

We sell our world-leading systems into the leisure, construction and academic markets, and aim to build manufacturing in The Midlands.


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+44 (0)121 427 8033


Michaela Kendall


15 Weekin Works,
112-116 Park Hill Road,
B17 9HD

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