AC Rotational Moulders

Established in 1973 as AC Canoe Products (Chester Limited), AC Rotational Moulders has grown to become a specialist in the manufacture of rotomoulded polyethylene products, predominantly for the marine leisure industry but also to a number of industrial & other markets, such as agricultural, recreational, offshore marine & street ware.

With over 35 years experience in the production of three layer sandwich foam technology, the business manufactures and supplies custom rotational moulded products to a wide range of industries worldwide from its UK base. It operates seven rotational moulding machines, specifically designed for the manufacture of large products and that are considered to be some of the largest in Europe.

AC Rotational Moulders prides itself on innovation within its product range, working closely with its customers in product development, who rely on their technical knowledge and expertise to bring their concepts to market.

By utilising the latest raw materials it is able to manufacture lighter weight products, whilst maintaining the quality, strength and durability required by customers.

This reinforces its position with its customers as a market leading business in rotational moulding.

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AC Rotational Moulders


01244 280416


Unit 102, Tenth Avenue, Zone 3, Deeside Industrial Estate, Flintshire, CH5 2UA

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