3D Lasertec Ltd

Our customer base now extends through Injection, blow, extrusion & rotational moulds, pharmaceutical, Aerospace & medical industry, gun manufacturers, printing, ceramic plus other general & obscure requests.

The need for laser engraving on projects in industries previously not identified has encouraged the investment in the latest G900 laser machine which produces full 3D profiles onto 3D contours & surfaces using its 5 axis’s for the most sophisticated requirements.

Some surface texturing can be achieved with consultation. Depth now is controlled by superior focusing of the image giving a quality controlled finish. The addition of Delcam’s 3D Artcam Pro software greatly enhances the ability to achieve all solutions.

Lifting has now been increased to 2 tons, which in turn offers ‘safe’ handling of the larger more awkwardly shaped work pieces as well as the heavier injection mould tools.

Accessible to most areas where EDM methods have difficulty reaching into or simply fitting the work piece into the tank, this is an area that needs discussion early into the project saving considerable time and money and often unnecessary machining.

To see the laser machinery in operation or to satisfy your queries related to laser engraving any special materials or indeed general discussion relating to your project then call for an appointment.

3D Lasertec Limited are privately owned & established in February 1999.

Join many GTMA members who are using their laser engraving technology.

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3D Lasertec Ltd


01623 600627


Wayne Kilford
Managing Director and Sales Contact

Patrick Harrison
Sales Contact


Mansfield i-centre,
Oakham Business Park,
Hamilton Way,
NG18 5BR

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